Группа weesp

Год основания: 2003
Стиль: alternative nu-rock
b_beaver- ударные
Lex — Vocals/Guitar/keys
Mike — Guitar
Mi — Bass

Связь с нами:

сайт: www.weespband.com

История (weesp o себе):

Pinkish sunrise tapped gently on Lex’s cheek. He woke up.
«Why not make a band?» — he suddenly thought, looking around sleepily.
It was terrible 2003. The memory of the Columbine’s tragedy and an earthquake in Turkey was still fresh. But Lex, a brave warrior of the new millennium, looked confidently in the future. No thinking, no doubt, he took a telephone with his hand of might, and when he heard a drunk voice on the other line, Lex said:
— Man, I have an idea. Come over now, Mikey.
Mikey. Miserable slut that was dreaming of a better life — Mikey. Exhausted piece of a human, who’d forgot his mum and dad on the severe streets of the city. Mikey. He’d be happy to make any new crazy attempt just to forget about his miserable existence. Mikey. World has never seen such a useless fucked up thing, but when Lex gave him a guitar – spark suddenly appeared in his eyes. Not the life sparks as you may think, but something very familiar.

Mikey. The rise of that crazy god, who was a complete asshole, will never be forgotten. He was never the one he was thought to be, but he was always himself.
Mikey. But Mikey was not the only one willing to play in the upcoming band.

Year later a guy with an angel look and a bass-guitar in his hands was standing next to the garage. The guy was as handsome and manly as the avatar of Vishnu. The guy was kind of shining inside, making all the dark thoughts disappear. The guy had very big problems with his head. Mi joined the band that very moment the band needed him most. And he didn’t let the band down.

And then Boris was sent from some kind of ancient god’s dream. By that moment the band had already gained the name «Weesp», recorded an EP, given a large number of gigs and done a lot of other stupid stuff but…then Boris appeared. Like a mysterious demon-seducer, he managed to reach the most remote corners of our souls just being a drummer. He has never told where and why did he come from — he was just drumming. And so who cares? The only thing Boris needed was sound. And «Weesp» gave him tones of sound.

2009. Everything that used to have any sense started to lose itself. «Weesp» is recording a new EP, which would never shake the world. Just another stream of information trapped into this overloaded world. «Weesp» has recorded it not in order to share the pieces of their miserable souls. Not for the art in themselves and themselves in the art. It’s just that «Weesp» remember that they are a band.

And a band should record something from time to time, shouldn’t it?

Alternative ending:

2009. Everything that used to have any sense started to lose itself. «Weesp» is recording a new EP. But they are not going to stop. «Weesp» know that all they have done yet is a very beginning. All those gigs, the two EPs — are just a prelude, the way to find themselves in that overloaded world. And they feel that changes in the air. They feel themselves changing. And «Weesp» keep making new music, looking without fear in the new coming age.

Отыграли достаточно много концертов как в Беларуси так и в странах ближайшего зарубежья, принимали участие в фестивалях в Минске, Питере, Львове, Риге и других городах.

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Год основания: 2003 Стиль: alternative nu-rock